Here are several good resources:


  1. Craigslist is a great way to find decently priced rooms in shared apartments. However, you usually need to arrive in Boston to find a room on Craigslist, as people who post on Craigslist usually like to meet you and show you the house in person, before accepting you as a roommate.
  2. A reasonable price for a Craigslist room in Central Square/Harvard Square/Porter Square/Davis Square is $550-750, not including utilities. Utilities should come up to a maximum of $100 during the winter months.


  1. Padmapper is a great way to search craigslist housing ads geographically. The additional layers such as public transport makes the search for accommodation that much easier.


  1. Another great site is Zillow. It offers a database and geographical search as well.


  1. Homes and Apartments for Rent 
  2. Rooms for Rent


  1. Hotpads Boston


  1. Areavibes


  1. This is another potential consideration for a short term stay, but it is slightly expensive: http://www.esltownhouse.com/. It would be possible to live here for a few weeks before you can find a cheaper place to live on Craigslist.


  1. Jim O’Loughlin – jim@skylinerealty.com
  2. Brien Maloney – BrienM@trulia.com