Girish Chitnis Ph.D.
Photo of Nitin Joshi Ph.D.
Nitin Joshi Ph.D.

Hi, I am a postdoctoral fellow in Karp Lab. My current research interests involve development of next generation biomaterials, including particles and hydrogels for drug delivery. I received a PhD in 2013 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, where I studied under the supervision of Prof. Rinti Banerjee. My work was focused on the development and evaluation of stimuli-responsive nanoparticles for the delivery of single and combinatorial anti-cancer drugs, both systemically as well as through non-invasive routes. Other than research, I am very passionate about music and have received formal training in Indian Classical Vocal Music (Khayal style).

Photo of Wen Li Ph.D.
Wen Li Ph.D.

I am a postdoctoral associate who is co-advised by Professor Langer (The Koch Institute  for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT) and Professor Karp (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School). I received the Ph.D. Degree from Changchun institute of applied chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016. My research interests focus on the exploitation of stimuli-responsive materials, the controlled drug delivery, as well as stem-cell based therapy. Other than research, I enjoy traveling.

Photo of Kisuk Yang Ph.D.
Kisuk Yang Ph.D.

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in Karp Lab. I majored in Biotechnology and earned Ph.D. degree at Yonsei University, Republic of Korea. I studied with interest on neural and bone tissue engineering using human stem cells under Professor Seung-Woo Cho. Recently I am interested in recapitulation of in vivo-like pancreatic islet niches for functional islet differentiation of human stem cells. Aside from lab work, I enjoy traveling, swimming, and watching baseball game.