Photo of Professor Jeffrey M Karp
Professor Jeffrey M Karp
Principal Investigator

Dr. Jeff Karp is a world leader in drug delivery, stem cell therapeutics, and tissue adhesives. He is an Associate Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Principal Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and an affiliate faculty at the Broad Institute and at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

He has published >100 peer-reviewed papers (>10,500 citations) and has given 220 national and international invited lectures and has 65 issued or pending patents. Several of his technologies have formed the foundation for products on the market or under development and for the launch of companies including: Gecko Biomedical, Skintifique, Frequency Therapeutics, and Alivio Therapeutics.

The Boston Business Journal recognized Dr. Karp as a Champion in Healthcare Innovation and MIT’s Technology Review Magazine (TR35) recognized him as being one of the top innovators in the world (3 members from his laboratory have received this award).

His work has been selected by Popular Mechanic’s “Top 20 New Biotech Breakthroughs that Will Change Medicine.” He gave a TEDMED talk on bioinspired medical innovation and is a member of the TEDMED Editorial Advisory Board. In 2015 he received a Breakthrough Award from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and was a commencement speaker at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Karp was selected as the Outstanding Faculty Undergraduate Mentor among all Faculty at MIT and he received the HST McMahon Mentoring award for being the top mentor of Harvard-MIT students. To date, 18 trainees from his laboratory have secured faculty positions and many others impactful positions in pharma and biotech industries.


Photo of Laura Badia
Laura Badia

I am the Lab Manager at the Karp Lab; I joined in February of 2014. I handle the administrative side of the lab as well as grants and lab safety. I received my BS in Biology with a minor in Child Development and Family Relations and I am currently working on my MSM in Healthcare Administration. I have been part of Brigham and Women’s Hospital for the past three years and prior to joining the lab, I worked directly in the hospital and its corporate office.

In addition to fulfilling one of my passions, which is facilitating research, I love spending time with my family and friends, staying active, the outdoors, the beach, traveling, my sorority Lambda Theta Alpha, food and ice cream, shopping, reading and the color pink.


Photo of Yuhan Lee Ph.D.
Yuhan Lee Ph.D.

My key focus is to identify the clinical and therapeutic unmet needs and to find solutions through biomaterials approach. I have been developing novel biomaterials for medical adhesive, drug delivery/formulation, and tissue engineering. My expertise in synthesis and characterization of new materials, coupled with my desire to solve important medical problems through a highly collaborative research is critical for the translational research which is my goal to take innovative approaches to the market to reach people.

Photo of Oren Levy Ph.D.
Oren Levy Ph.D.

I’m Oren Levy, an instructor in Prof. Karp’s lab. I received my B.Sc. in biology from Ben Gurion University (BGU), located in Beer Sheva, Israel. I carried out my M.Sc research in BGU, focusing on the JAKSTAT pathway and its involvement in vascular smooth muscle cell hypertrophy. During my PhD research, also performed in BGU, I studied the biochemistry and physiology of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). I investigated the roles of signal transduction pathways in hMSC physiological processes, specifically, the involvement of the JAK/STAT cascade in hMSC proliferation and osteogenic differentiation. My post doc research in the Karp lab focused on hMSC homing and engraftment to various sites in the body. I have enjoyed my work in the lab so far, and have had the privilege to engage in multiple collaborations with our great lab members. My hobbies include soccer, tennis and basketball. In addition, I’m a huge fan of F.C Hapoel BeerSheva (“Ani adom balev baneshama”).

Xiaolei Yin Ph.D.


Photo of Nicholas Sherman
Nicholas Sherman

My name is Nick Sherman and I am a research assistant here in the Karp Lab. I graduated from Northeastern University in 2015 with bachelors degrees in behavioral neuroscience and chemistry. I am currently working on several projects which aim to treat diseases like cancer, HIV and arthritis.

In my free time I enjoy volunteering as an EMT and reading. After Karp Lab I am looking forward to a career as a physician.


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Girish Chitnis Ph.D.
Photo of Nitin Joshi Ph.D.
Nitin Joshi Ph.D.

Hi, I am a postdoctoral fellow in Karp Lab. My current research interests involve development of next generation biomaterials, including particles and hydrogels for drug delivery. I received a PhD in 2013 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, where I studied under the supervision of Prof. Rinti Banerjee. My work was focused on the development and evaluation of stimuli-responsive nanoparticles for the delivery of single and combinatorial anti-cancer drugs, both systemically as well as through non-invasive routes. Other than research, I am very passionate about music and have received formal training in Indian Classical Vocal Music (Khayal style).

Wen Li Ph.D.
Photo of Kisuk Yang Ph.D.
Kisuk Yang Ph.D.

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in Karp Lab. I majored in Biotechnology and earned Ph.D. degree at Yonsei University, Republic of Korea. I studied with interest on neural and bone tissue engineering using human stem cells under Professor Seung-Woo Cho. Recently I am interested in recapitulation of in vivo-like pancreatic islet niches for functional islet differentiation of human stem cells. Aside from lab work, I enjoy traveling, swimming, and watching baseball game.


Photo of Raquel Cunha
Raquel Cunha

I am Raquel Cunha and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering from MIT Portugal Program.  The goal of my PhD is to develop clinical grade stem cell-based therapies with enhanced regeneration potential. My project is being developed as collaboration between Karp’s lab and Wyss Institute, Boston, and Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) from University of Lisbon, Portugal. My background is an Integrated Master in Biological Engineering at IST, Portugal. As personal interests, I like hiking, volleyball and travelling.

Photo of Peter Anthony Jones
Peter Anthony Jones

Peter Anthony Jones is a graduate student pursuing his M.S. in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics through the HST MEMP program at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He joined Karp Lab in 2014 as a researcher and is currently building an in vitro biomimetic model of the islets of Langerhans for diabetes. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration from the American University of Paris, and a Masters-level Certificate in Classical Vocal Performance from the Conservatoire Jean-Philippe Rameau in Paris, France. Peter has spent two years as a medical device engineer. Notably, he worked for six months as an intern on the orthopedics product development team at DePuy Mitek Sports Medicine (part of Johnson & Johnson). He also has five years of international experience in strategy consulting, sales and marketing. Peter is bilingual in French and conversant in Spanish. He enjoys hiking and nature and is an avid archer.

Photo of Benjamin Elliott Mead
Benjamin Elliott Mead

Hello, I’m a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Medical Engineering and Medical Physics PhD program. My research interests revolve around regenerative medicine, specifically in the application of novel stem cell technologies towards the development of translational therapies. I received my bachelors degree in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and have previously worked with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and National Institute of Standards and Technology. In addition to research, I enjoy any and all outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, skiing, etc..) as well as photography and traveling.


Photo of Sophia Emerson
Sophia Emerson

I am a Chemical and Bioengineering student from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m at the Karp Lab as a Research Intern, assisting Dr. Yuhan Lee in the development of swellable microneedle patches for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Aside from research, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, and spending time outdoors. I am very excited to explore Boston, and hopefully try out as many restaurants as I can while I’m here!

Photo of Yung Hsiang (John) Lu
Yung Hsiang (John) Lu

I am an undergraduate research intern from the University of Toronto, majoring in Biomedical Systems Engineering in the Engineering Science program. I am working under Dr. Yuhan Lee and my work focuses on developing adhesive biomaterials for surgical and topical applications. By working in the Karp Lab, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of Biomedical Engineering to help guide my future career path. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing badminton, trying new foods, and baking.

Photo of Christian Paniccia
Christian Paniccia

Hi! I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in bioengineering. At the Karp Lab I am part of Dr. Yuhan Lee’s team, researching bioinspired adhesives for use in clinical applications. My favourite spot in Boston has to be Fenway park, where I have already watched numerous Red Sox games, and plan to watch many more. In my free time I frequent the cafes and bars around Boston, enjoying iced coffees while walking along the Charles River, and trying as many local craft beers as I can while I’m here.

Photo of Jane (Hijun) Seo
Jane (Hijun) Seo

Greetings! My name is Jane and I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Systems Engineering in the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto. I am currently working as a part of Dr. Yuhan Lee’s team on projects involving bio-inspired adhesives for clinical applications. Outside of the lab, I enjoy sitting in a busy cafe while sipping a nice cold iced Americano, playing romantic period pieces and movie soundtracks on my cello, and singing karaoke despite my limited vocal range.