Photo of Yuhan Lee Ph.D.
Yuhan Lee Ph.D.

My key focus is to identify the clinical and therapeutic unmet needs and to find solutions through biomaterials approach. I have been developing novel biomaterials for medical adhesive, drug delivery/formulation, and tissue engineering. My expertise in synthesis and characterization of new materials, coupled with my desire to solve important medical problems through a highly collaborative research is critical for the translational research which is my goal to take innovative approaches to the market to reach people.

Photo of Oren Levy Ph.D.
Oren Levy Ph.D.

I’m Oren Levy, an instructor in Prof. Karp’s lab. I received my B.Sc. in biology from Ben Gurion University (BGU), located in Beer Sheva, Israel. I carried out my M.Sc research in BGU, focusing on the JAKSTAT pathway and its involvement in vascular smooth muscle cell hypertrophy. During my PhD research, also performed in BGU, I studied the biochemistry and physiology of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs). I investigated the roles of signal transduction pathways in hMSC physiological processes, specifically, the involvement of the JAK/STAT cascade in hMSC proliferation and osteogenic differentiation. My post doc research in the Karp lab focused on hMSC homing and engraftment to various sites in the body. I have enjoyed my work in the lab so far, and have had the privilege to engage in multiple collaborations with our great lab members. My hobbies include soccer, tennis and basketball. In addition, I’m a huge fan of F.C Hapoel BeerSheva (“Ani adom balev baneshama”).

Xiaolei Yin Ph.D.