Ben Ouyang Wins Canada’s Got (Science) Talent Sunnybrook Prize!

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January 3, 2013
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January 18, 2013

Ben Ouyang Wins Canada’s Got (Science) Talent Sunnybrook Prize!

We are proud to announce that Ben Ouyang has won Canada’s Got (Science) Talent Sunnybrook Prize 2012 and a handsome $10,000 prize!

Ben would also like to give credit to his mentor Maria Pereira, who was the original creator of the material and was ‘a fantastic mentor for [him] during [his] stay at the Karplab’.

Congratulations Ben and Maria!


Poly(glycerol sebacate) urethane (PGSU) is a highly tunable biocompatible and multifunctional biodegradable elastomer.  Mechanically, it can be adjusted to be as soft as a small blood vessel or as stiff as cartilage, thus allowing for applications to various soft tissues.  Given its mild curing conditions, we can incorporate a wide range of drugs and have devised multiple techniques to modulate the release.

[Original paper:]

The Sunnybrook Prize was established in 2012 as an annual national award to recognize undergraduate students’ contributions to their research projects.  The prize is funded by income generated by royalties from technology developed by Sunnybrook Research Institute scientists.  On the day of the competition, the Finalists learned about world-class research conducted at the SRI and were given a tour through the SRI’s incredible imaging and machining facilities.

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