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September 9, 2007
Karp Lab Lunch
May 13, 2009

Recent News

 Eoin O’Cearbhaill awarded first prize for the best poster presentation at the MIT Sloan BioInnovation 

Praveen Kumar Vemula awarded Ramalingaswami Re-Entry Fellowship from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India 

Dr. Karp is named a Champion of Healthcare by the Boston Business Journal

Weian Zhao, a senior Postdoctoral Associate has secured an Assistant Professor Faculty position at University of California – Irvine!

Shruthi Suryaprakash, an Alumni undergraduate has won a singapore-wide presentation competition at a Biomedical Engineering Society(BES) conference!

Weian Zhao’s paper “Cell-surface sensors for real-time probing of cellular environments.” is published in Nature Nanotechnology!

James Ankrum has been awarded the prestigious Hugh Hampton Young fellowship!

Praveen Vemula’s paper “Nanoparticles reduce nickel allergy by capturing metal ions” is published in Nature Nanotechnology!

James Ankrum, a Graduate student in the lab – has been selected to attend the Nobel ceremony for 2011 to be held in Germany!

Karplab technology to control cells post-transplantation featured on Science Daily – February 2nd, 2011

Karplab featured in Boston Globe – January 17th, 2011

Debanjan Sarkar and James Ankrum’s paper “Cellular and Extracellular Programming of Cell Fate through Engineered Intracrine-, Paracrine-, and Endocrine-like Mechanisms” was accepted for publication in Biomaterials (Dec 2010).

Prof. Karp receives the 2011 Society for Biomaterials Young Investigator Award

The SFB Young Investigator award is given annually to recognize an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of biomaterials research within ten years following his/her terminal degree. The award lecture and prize will be given at the SFB Annual meeting at Orlando, Florida, April 13-16, 2011. The co-recipient of this award is Prof. Khademhosseini also from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Prof. Karp and Khademhosseini, who are close friends, started graduate school together at the University of Toronto and spent time in Bob Langer’s lab at MIT prior to their faculty careers.

Dr. Karp receives a grant from the Brain Science Foundation to develop novel therapies for brain tumors together with Rona Carroll and Lata Menon from BWH. 

Woo Kyung Cho – Postdoc in the Karplab – has received the National Research Foundation of Korea Fellowship!!! Only 52 people received this honor form a pool of hundreds of applicants across the country.

Dr. Karp receives a Harvard Stem Cell Institute young investigator grant to perform a high throughput screen for identifying small molecules that can promote connective tissue regeneration in zebrafish. 

Karplab Postdoc – Dr. Debanjan Sarkar – accepts a faculty offer to join the University of Buffalo.  

James Ankrum’s opinion paper in Trends in Molecular Medicine becomes the most downloaded paper from all recent publications.

Dr. Karp selected to co-chair the Regenerative Therapeutics Center at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Karp selected for a invited presentation at the 2010 Massachusetts Innovation Life Sciences Day

Karplab Postdoc – Dr. Lijie Zhang – accepts a faculty offer to join George Washington University.

Dr. Karp receives 2 NIH R01 grants and an NIH R21 grant to develop medical adhesives and cell based therapeutics.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula and his team place 2nd in the MIT 100K competition based on technology developed in the Karplab to create insulin chewing gum.  

Dr. Karp selected to receive the HST McMahon Mentoring Award – the top mentor among all faculty who mentor Harvard-MIT students. 

UROP Alan Leung accepts offer from to join Stanford’s graduate program.  

Visiting student Namit Kumar receives a research assistantship position from Stanford University.

Undergraduate research Ram Krishna Rijal is awarded the Paul E. Gray (1954) Endowment Fund for UROPs.

Dr. Weian Zhao selected to attend the 2010 Nobel Prize Ceremony. 

Visiting student Ashish Gupta accepts offer to join the graduate program at the Dresden University of Technology, Germany. 

Dr. Karp wins the Harvard Medical School CIMIT Shore Award 

Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemula receives a prestigious Kauffman Entrepreneur Fellowship.

Dr. Karp selected as the Section Editor for Biology and Medicine for the journal Nanotechnology. 

Dr. Weian Zhao receives a prestigious Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship. 

Dr. Karp’s gecko adhesive technology recognized by popular mechanics “Top 20 New Biotech Breakthroughs that Will Change Medicine” and as one of 7 “Next-gen bandages that help heal wounds”.

UROP Amrita Karambelkar secures a scholarship from the DeFlores Endowment Fund.

Dr. Karp win an NIH Young Investigator R03 grant to interrogate mesenchymal stem cell biology using in vivo imaging approaches.

Undergraduate researcher Timothy Lee wins the Paul E. Gray Endowment Fund for UROPS.  

UROP Dawn Spelke accepts offer to join Standford’s graduate program.

Dr. Karp selected to receive the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Mentor Award at MIT (selected from all MIT faculty).  

Visiting student, Cecilia Graneli accepts offer to join the graduate program at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. UROP Dawn Spelke is awarded a 2008 AMGEN UROP Scholarship.Dr. Karp has recieved Technology Review’s 2008 Young Innovator Award for his work on gecko adhesive bandages.

High school student Maeve Cullinane accepts offer to join MIT’s undergraduate program.

Cheryl Cui, an undergraduate student from University of Toronto won a best poster award in the Molecular medicine Tri-conference held at San Fransisco in February 2011


Karp Lab is awarded an ADMET eXpert 7601 1 kN Universal Testing Machine equipped with MTESTQuattro®. [Aug 2009] [ADMET 20 Year Celebration Biomedical Testing System Giveaway] [ ADMET eXpert 7601 1 kN Universal Testing Machine]


Praveen Kumar Vemula is one of 13 researchers in the world to receive the prestigious 2009 Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurial Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. [Aug 4, 2009] 
[Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, August 5, 2009] [Brigham & Women’s Hospital, August 10, 2009] [, August 05, 2009]· 


Dr. Karp receives NIH funding to study the behavior of adult stem cells in vivo. [June 2009]· 


Undergraduate researcher Ram Krishna Rijal (’12) is awarded the Paul E. Gray (1954) Endowment Fund for UROPs. The endowment will go towards supporting his summer research. [06/09/09]· 


Weian Zhao receives the prestigious Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Postdoctoral Fellowship [03/23/2009]
[McMaster University Department of Chemistry, March 23, 2009] [Brigham & Women’s Hospital, June 09, 2009]·Weian Zhao receives an Innovation Challenge Award from NSERC, Canada [09/25/2008]
[McMaster University Daily News, Canada] [Sentinel Bioactive Paper Network] · 


Dr. Karp joins the Scientific Advisory Board of Stemgent [09/20/08]· 


Dr. Karp is invited to speak at the Human Pluripotent Stem Cells symposium in Ireland – sponsored by abcam [09/20/08]· Dr. Karp is awarded the Technology Review’s 2008 Young Innovator Award for his gecko-inspired surgical tape. [08/20/08]· 


Dr. Karp wins a Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association (Founder’s Affiliate) to develop gecko inspired pericardial tissue adhesives for localized drug delivery to the heart. [06/18/08]· 


Dr. Karp receives an investigation award from the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center to enhance the adhesion of his gecko inspired adhesives through improved surface chemistry and morphology. [06/13/08]· 


Undergraduate researcher Amrita Karambelkar (’11) wins the DeFlorez Endowment Fund for UROPS to fund her summer research.· 


Undergraduate researcher Timothy Lee (’11) wins the Paul E. Gray Endowment Fund for UROPs based on his summer UROP proposal. The endowment will go towards supporting his summer research.· 


Professor Jeffrey Karp wins the Outstanding Faculty UROP Mentor Award at MIT. [05/29/08] [06/05/08]· 


Karp Lab’s own Dawn Spelke (’09) is awarded the 2008 AMGEN UROP Scholarship, an award that invites undergrads to participate in faculty-monitored summer research in science and biotechnology areas. [03/08/08]· Young Engineers Selected to Participate in NAE’s 2007 US Frontiers of Engineers Symposium [06/18/07]


Interesting Articles· – August 12, 2009, Stem Cells May Offer Promise For Damaged Hearts· Science – August 7, 2009, Taken for Granted, Doing Something about the Postdoc Mess· Nature – August 6, 2009, Nature Reports Stem Cells: The Delivery Dilemma· NY Times – June 27, 2009, Forty Years’ War – Grant System Leads Cancer Researchers To Play It Safe

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medical symbol Other· HST Faculty Jeff Karp announces biomaterials surgical video library [09/11/07]· HST Welcomes Faculty Member Jeffrey Karp [07/05/07] · Self-assembling nano-fiber gel delivers high concentrations of clinically approved drugs [10/21/08]· Simple chemical procedure augments therapeutic potential of stem cells [10/31/08]

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